Law of Peace(making) and Children's Right to have Rights


Working Paper Series

S. M. Field, 'Law of peace(making) and the right to have rights' Working Paper  (Forthcoming June, 2017).

S. M. Field, 'Law of peace(making): the extremity and il/legality of children's invisibility' Working Paper  (Forthcoming June, 2017).

S. M. Field, 'Law of peace(making) and children's right to have rights' Working Paper  (Sept., 2016). Cf. 'Law of peacemaking and the promise of a new beginning for children' OxHRH Blog (October 23, 2016), cross-posted IntLawGrrls (October 28, 2016). 

S.M. Field, 'Intra-Syrian talks, politicking and possibility for the invisible 43%' Paper Presented at the Third International Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Children and War (Salzburg, July 13-15, 2016).  

Related Investigations

S. M. Field, Re-Imagining Peace Processes with Children (Cambridge Open Book Publishers, forthcoming 2017), Chapter 7Cf. Silvia Carolina Parra Semolina, 'Re-Imaginando Procesos de Paz con Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes'  Boletín Pútchipu 27:10-11 (December 2014), [Summary of Chapter 7 in Spanish]; and Informing the Legal Promise of Respect for Children's Views in Decision-Making towards Peace Agreements (PhD Thesis, University College Cork, Ireland, 2012). 

S. M. Field 'Syria's Invisible 43%'  Rights-Streams Blog Series (January and March 2014; and February 2016), courtesy of OxHRH,  CCJHR and IntlawGrrls.

S. M. Field 'Unintended Vulnerability and the Security Council'  Rights-Streams Blog Series (October and November 2015), courtesy of IntLawGrrls. 

S. M. Field, 'UN Security Council Resolutions relating to Children: In Whose 'Best Interest'?' The International Journal of Children's Rights 1: 127-161 (2013).