Sarah M. Field, LL.B. (Dubl), Ph.D. (NUI)

Author and Creator of Rights Streams 

Sarah has a blend of applied and academic experience supporting the fulfilment of international human rights law through international research and advocacy projects. In this capacity she has led and coordinated projects in Europe, southern and eastern Africa and Asia for organisations such as the International Labour Office, The African Child Policy Forum and Cross-European GENOVATE Consortium. She is presently finalising — Law of Peace(making) and Children's International Human Rights. It probes peace processes from a juristic, human rights and child rights perspective and offers (a) principles for assessing the same from an international human rights perspective and (b) a two step process for giving effect to children's rights in peacemaking. Together with her broader applied experience, the findings of this research forged the development of Rights Streams. It includes project streams on this and other interrelated subjects. The streams offered here aspire to support the process of bringing the law alive by driving new ways of seeing and acting (see more here). Sarah has an LLB from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD from University College Cork, Ireland.   

Areas of Interest: International Law; International Human Rights Law; Nondiscrimination and (Transformative) Equality; Children's International Human Rights; Women's International Human Rights; Human Rights Based Processes; Interface between International Human Rights Law and Laws of Armed Conflict, Emergencies and Peace(making)