Sarah M. Field has a blend of applied and academic experience supporting the fulfilment of international human rights law through international research and advocacy projects. She has global experience supporting domestic knowledge and practice of international human rights law, with a specific focus on equality and non-discrimination, within varied jurisdictions of Europe, eastern and southern Africa and the Asia and Pacific regions. In this capacity she has worked with the International Labour Office, The African Child Policy Forum and the Cross-European GENOVATE Consortium at University College Cork, Ireland, among others. A particular professional interest is probing the staged process of peacemaking from juristic, human rights and child rights perspective (see related working papers, blog series — general and Syria-specific — and principles).  This interest inspired the development of rights streams. It aims, in particular, to draw attention to the extremity of children's invisibility in peacemaking, and support the process of seizing 'the radical progressive potential of peace processes' for children.  On this and other connected subjects, she has contributed posts to a number of international law and human rights related blogs including The Oxford Human Rights Hub, IntLawGrrls and The Right to Education Project.  Sarah has an LLB from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD from University College Cork, Ireland.   

Areas of interest: international law; international human rights law; international law relating to equality and non-discrimination; law of peace(making); international children’s rights; international women’s rights